September, 2017

Thank you. I wanted to tell you I used oils for my son this week when he was home sick from school. He said they really helped👍😁


July 14,2017

We are in Ireland and I feel great. I’ve been going on long hikes daily, exploring stone circles, and having a super time. The Ningxia is super! Thanks for turning us on to it.

May 13,2017

Chloe is doing so well 🤗 Thank you so very much!!!

Kristin Lowrimore, DVM

May 11,2017

Will do!! Thank you. Went almost straight through as there is now a red spot on the top of her foot. Super painful but not much redness or swelling present. Thank you so much ! You are such a blessing !!  Kristin Lowrimore, DVM

March 26,2017

Thanks in advance, and also, the pain has been mostly nonexistent since our session. 🙂 thank you so much and I am also LOVING the oils.   Jenny, Solvang, Ca.

March 22, 2017

Thanks for being part of my transformation to the new me!  Pam Piccard, W.Va.

Katie Peet-Walker Bystrom
September 6, 2015 at 4:16am

Thank you Pam Fisher, I have loved working around your horses, and the healing power you introduced into my family has been the greatest experience…such amazing stuff. 3am…miserable,go grab theives, peppermint and eucalyptus …4am, i can breathe and im relaxed and happily going back to bed! Thank you, thank you!!!

November 8, 2014

Hey Pam

Thank you for your sweet words, I love looking back at that horrible  situation with Annie , and seeing how God worked amazing work through  you and in you to save my girl !

Your are truly  gifted!

I would trust you with my life.

Robin Paicius



January 9, 2015

Hi Pam, thanks for this info.

And thanks VERY MUCH for the oils info you sent a few days ago. I am better (not perfect yet but functional enough to be in AZ with dogs). And the oils have really fixed Sultan’s problems. The Thieves was helping already, and when I added the basil/copaiba/lavendar, VOILA. He is 100% comfy now and there are only a few little scabs remaining, no inflammation, no itching. Hurrah.